Pinewood Elementary School

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Summary of Inquiry Question (September 2014 – June 2017):

How can we develop motivated, self-regulated learners and how will we know?

At our professional development sessions, we recognized the need for our students to be more invested and accountable in their daily behavior at school. Philosophically, we believe our students need to work to the best of their abilities and be confident to take risks, have a high standard of expectations of themselves and others and to care for our school by keeping it clean and safe.  Ultimately, be kind, be fair, be safe

Staff discussions included how behaviours have changed over our collective experience in education.  It seems that students have less accountability and responsibility for themselves in their lives (including playground/ classroom behavior, social situations, problem solving, personal care and work ethic).

We also felt that there needed to continue the shift from the teacher as the giver of information to the teacher as a facilitator of learning.  Thereby the learner is responsible to take a more active role in setting and monitoring goals and responsibilities.

The staff discussed the need for learners to take responsibility for their role in the school…

We believe self-regulated learners are:

ResponsibleDriven and passionate about learning
Intrinsically motivatedPart of team (Students/ Staff/ Parents)
Problem-solversSocially aware
Able to access strategies to solve problemsSupportive and encouraging of their peers
Have ownership and self-monitor behaviour 

Our hunch is that as we have a school-wide focus on expectations and accountability, we will develop self-regulated, engaged learners.