Pinewood Elementary School

Home of the Panthers

Principal's message

Here at Pinewood, we feel that we are one of the most fortunate schools in the District as we have the such a beautiful setting; tucked in beside Delta Watershed Park in a peaceful subdivision. Our students come to us, not only from the surrounding neighbourhood, but also from the Delta side of Panorama Ridge and the farmlands adjacent to Highway 99.

At Pinewood, we pride ourselves on the high academic achievement of our students. They are a hard working, energetic group with an excellent work ethic. Our staff sets high expectations, for themselves and the students, and are dedicated to helping them achieve their very best. We have an active athletic program in which students have the opportunity to participate on volleyball, basketball, track and field, and cross country running teams. Our more senior students have opportunities to develop their leadership skills through a variety of community service projects around the school; office monitors, buddies, assembly organization, to name a few. The parents at Pinewood are highly committed to the success of the school. Our Parent Advisory Council works tirelessly to support the school goals and to provide an enriched environment for the students. Together, we strive to ensure that Pinewood is a place where "Inspired Learning" takes place.


Jim Hope