Pinewood Elementary School

Home of the Panthers


Staff Members:
Principal- Mr. J. Hope    
Administrative Assistant- Ms. M. Van Camp
Grade 7 - Ms. S. Pheasey
Grade 6/7- Ms. B. Copeland
Grade 6- Mrs. A. Roche
Grade 4/5 - Mrs. E. Melan/ Mrs. K. Bains
Grade 4/5 - Mrs. M. Loyla/ Mrs. K. Bains
Grade 3 - Mrs. H. Sidhu
Grade 3 - Mrs. K. Buis
Grade 2/3- Ms. C. Weger
Grade 2 - Mrs. J. Sidhu
Grade 1/2- Mrs. V. Bastin
Grade 1- Mrs. J. Fast
Kindergarten- Mrs. C. Warnock
Kindergarten - Mrs. L. Holt
Kindergarten - Mrs. A. Quan

Library- Ms. G. Grant
Learning Support- Mrs. A. Cheng and Mrs. A. Jope
Inclusive Hearing Services Teacher- Mrs. K. Kwon
Music- Mrs. J. Kato
Counsellor- Ms. J. Tan
Education Assistants- Mrs. L. Gamlin, Mrs. S. Rempel, Miss J. Joys, Ms. P. Ness

All staff emails are first initial, last name (eg.