Parking & Driveway Guidelines

Our priority:

Our most important concern is safety of our entire community (students, parents, staff and visitors). Last year we had two cars damaged during our pick-up/drop-off times and too many close calls for our pedestrians. We acknowledge some of our families are coming from longer distances and prefer to drop their children off with their vehicle. Currently, close to 100 vehicles are entering the front of the school in a 15 minute period, before and after school. This volume and the behaviours of many drivers (listed below), have created a situation which is chaotic and at times unsafe.

How the area is designed:

The parking lot is designed for cars to enter and park in the stalls. It was never designed as a drop-off area Once the stalls are full with staff cars, it can be tricky to turn around your vehicle due to the limited space available.

The traffic circle is designed for a vehicle to stop, a passenger to exit and the vehicle to continue on. This area is also designated for busses to wait for their students and to carry on their busy schedules. There are four parking spaces for visitors and two parking spaces for drivers with a Disability pass.

What we have observed on a consistent basis:

  • Drivers are parking in undesignated spots (including in the driveway and around the dumpsters) popping up on the sidewalk and attempting 3-point turns in very tight areas.
  • Drivers are backing down the driveway, over the crosswalk and into on-coming vehicles.
  • Children are exiting the vehicles and dodging the cars.
  • Drivers are parking in the Bus Zone-No Parking area (sometimes staying for a few
  • Drivers are entering the School property with high speed.

Where we go now:

After a lengthy process of consultation including the PAC, the Staff, the Delta Police and Delta Parks & Recreation, we have decided to use the area as it was originally designed for pickup, drop-off and parking. These guidelines aim to address all of the concerns above and create a plan for safe arrival and dismissal of all students, staff and members of our community wishing to enter both the School and Leisure Center.

Please remember your children are watching you follow or not follow these guidelines. It can be uncomfortable for everyone involved, if a staff member has to remind a driver of these guidelines; it is important that everyone sets an example of good citizenship for our students.

Thank you, in advance for your attention to this situation.

New Guidelines for September:

  • The parking lot is for staff only.
  • The traffic circle is for drop-off and pick-up. There are two parking spaces for people with disabilities and four spaces for visitors in the traffic circle.
  • Do not park in the Bus Zone.
  • There is parking on both sides of Pinewood Drive and on Alderwood Crescent and on neighbouring streets.
  • Do not block the traffic circle for any reason.
  • PLAYDATES: should be arranged before coming to school.
  • If a child requires the drivers assistance to enter or exit the vehicle (including booster seats) and/or parent supervision walking to the building or class line-up, please park safely and give yourself extra time to walk to the campus. We are especially busy at 8:40-9:00am and 2:50-3:15pm.
  • Whenever possible, walk or bike to school.
  • Give yourself lots of time to arrive for the 8:52 first bell.