Parking & Driveway Guidelines

Parking Changes Letter Sept. 21, 2023


Our priority:

Traffic and parking are concerns at every school.Our most important concern is safety of our entire community (students, parents, staff and visitors).

How the area is designed:

The parking lot is designed for cars to enter and park in the stalls. It was never designed as a drop-off area. Once the stalls are full with staff cars, it can be tricky to turn around your vehicle due to the limited space available.

The traffic circle is designed for a vehicle to stop, a passenger to exit and the vehicle to continue on. This area is also designated for busses to wait for their students and to carry on their busy schedules. There are four parking spaces for visitors and three parking spaces for drivers with an accessible parking permit.

Our most important concern is the safety of our entire community (students, parents, staff, and visitors).  Pinewood parking procedures have been developed through a lengthy process of consultation including the PAC, staff, Delta Police, Delta Parks & Rec, and the City of Delta.  Please follow these guidelines carefully:

  • The parking lot is for staff only.
  • No drop-offs or pick-ups are permitted in the staff parking lot.
  • The traffic circle is for drop-off and pick-up.
  • There are three accessible parking spaces, two staff spaces and a daycare drop off zone.
    • Accessible parking spaces are only for those individuals who display a valid parking permit
    • If you do not have a permit, please do not use accessible spaces for drop off and pick up of students
  • Do not park in the Bus/Fire Zone
  • There is also parking on both sides of Pinewood Drive and on Alderwood Crescent.
  • Please do not block the traffic circle or driveways for any reason.
  • If a child requires the driver’s assistance to enter or exit the vehicle (including booster seats) and parent supervision walking to the building or class line-up, please park safely and give yourself extra time to walk to the school grounds. We are especially busy at 8:40-9:05am and 2:50-3:15pm. Whenever possible, walk or bike to school.
  • U-turns are permitted only in the designated space at the end of Pinewood Drive, at the entrance to the watershed. This area is marked with white, crosshatched lines. No U-turns are permitted elsewhere in our school zone.

Please remember, your children are watching you follow or not follow these guidelines. It can be uncomfortable for everyone involved if a staff member has to remind a driver of these guidelines; it is very important that everyone sets an example of good citizenship for our students.

Thank you for taking the extra time each day to ensure a safe drop off and pick up for all students.