We welcome all new families to our school and invite everyone to be involved in our PAC. Every parent in the school is automatically a member of the PAC and are welcome at every meeting.

BCCPAC – British Columbia Confederation of Partner Advisory Councils

DPAC – Delta District Parent Advisory Council

Meet your Pinewood PAC Executives for 2023-24

Krissy Eiben – PAC President/Chair Krissy is hard to miss at Pinewood! She’s Mom to oldest Maxx, who has moved on to grade 8 and fraternal twins Will & Koll going into 5, and a new support pup Miss June! A transplant from WA state she runs her own Interior Design consulting business and works part time in finance. She’s a devoted and passionate advocate for children with “extra needs” as her youngest son Koll, was born with Down syndrome, is a person with Autism, uses a wheelchair and a walker. This will be her 4th year in this role and is happy to be a part of a wonderful group of folks who share their love of the Pinewood Community

Rebecca Maxwell – Vice President/Chair – Hot Lunch Coordinator Rebecca has two children in Pinewood. Madison is heading into grade 5 and Dominic is going into grade 3. Rebecca runs her own mobile salon and uses her flexible hours to help the Pinewood community as much as she can. She has been running the Hot lunch program as well the past few years.

Tanya Wheatley –Vice President/Co-Chair – Grade 7 Committee lead Tanya is a Pinewood mom to Talon, going into grade 7 and Brooke, going into Grade 5. She works in Mental Health full time and likes to help out as much as she can around Pinewood. Tanya has volunteered the last 7 years helping the PAC with various fundraisers. She will continue to Co-Chair alongside Rebecca this year as well as help lead the Grade 7 Committee prepare for their year-end celebration. Tanya also manages our FB page!

Amber Schmidt – Secretary – Safety Coordinator Amber is mom to Lincoln, grade 5 and Maclaren Grade 3. She has taken an active role in the school community since her family joined Pinewood. When not volunteering at the school Amber works parttime in finance primarily focussing on helping people who have faced financial hardship. Having a child with unique needs that requires extra resources, Amber is an advocate for supporting fundraisers that help ALL our children thrive. This year Amber will add Safety Coordinator to her role as she is passionate also about everyone’s safety at Pinewood!

Sarah Stabler – Treasurer Sarah has moved from our Online Coordinator position to our new Treasurer! New to the role but not new to our PAC or Pinewood. Sarah is a mom of two kids (4 & 9 yrs.) and works as a full-time clinical pharmacist. On the side she can be seen dabbling in the work of tapdancing with her group at the Rhythm Room in Vancouver. DPAC Co-Chair –

Claudette Wong Mom to 2 children, Claudette has been involved in many areas of PAC, volunteering for various roles over the past 8 yrs. She can be seen in our pinewood community walking her lovely pup, Sadie. She will co-chair the DPAC role this year as well as fill in where ever she can. Email/Online Coordinator – Amanda Cello This will be Amandas second year with us on PAC! A very hands-on parent advocating for the future of her 3 children. She has become an active member of our PAC and our pinewood community. When not at work she can be found taking her kids on new and fun adventures

Bel Chhokar – Member at Large Bel can be found reading or on her yoga mat. She has moved on from our past DPAC chair to member at large to be able to continue to contribute to PAC in the most positive ways she is known for. She is looking forward to her new role.