We welcome all new families to our school and invite everyone to be involved in our PAC. Every parent in the school is automatically a member of the PAC and are welcome at every meeting.

BCCPAC – British Columbia Confederation of Partner Advisory Councils

DPAC – Delta District Parent Advisory Council

2018-19 PAC Executive:

Chair                       Wendy McGrath
Vice-Chair               Parm Senghera
Secretary                Julia Prinja/Sharon Sandhu
Treasurer                Tina Jansen
DPAC                      Parveen Loodu
Member at Large      Claudette Wong

2019-2020 PAC Executive:

Chair                       Wendy McGrath
Vice-Chair                Krissy Eiben
Secretary                Julia Prinja
Treasurer                 Nikki Snowden
DPAC                      Parveen Loodu and Bel Chokar
Member at Large    Claudette Wong and Tina Jansen


Pinewood Hot Lunch Letter 2017-2018

PAC Contact Info –

PAC email Coordinator- Lucia Griesbach

Fruit and Veggie Program- Kerina Seder