We welcome all new families to our school and invite everyone to be involved in our PAC. Every parent in the school is automatically a member of the PAC and are welcome at every meeting.

BCCPAC – British Columbia Confederation of Partner Advisory Councils

DPAC – Delta District Parent Advisory Council

2021-2022 PAC Executive:

Chair                                  Krissy Eiben
Vice-Chair                         Julia Prinja
Secretary                           Sabrina Badesha
Treasurer                           Rick Prinja
DPAC                                 Parveen Loodu and Bel Chokar
Immediate Past President Chair    Wendy McGrath
Member at Large                             TBD
Event Fundraising Coordinator      Tanya Wheatly


Hot Lunch Co-ordinator- Rebecca Maxwell

PAC Contact Info –

PAC email Coordinator- Lucia Griesbach

Emergency Preparedness- Jeanette Kumar

Fruit and Veggie Program- Claudette Wong

Online System Administrator – Sarah Stabler