About Our School

Pinewood Elementary  is a K-7 school of approximately 350 students that is nestled in a quiet area of Delta. We border on Watershed Park just off 64th Avenue, creating a wonderful, natural learning environment in close proximity to the school.  Pinewood is an inclusive, caring, and welcoming school that supports all students to learn and grow.  The Pinewood staff are kind and compassionate, and help students strive to achieve their personal best.  Pinewood staff have a great interest in place-based learning, and learning in our beautiful, forested environment.  Additionally, staff have focused their professional learning in Numeracy, and are continuing to learn more about Literacy instruction.  At Pinewood, there is a Positive Behaviour Intervention and Support model and our common language includes the motto “Be Kind, Be Safe, Be Fair”.  We use this language to develop common expectations for student conduct and to promote self-regulation. The community is very proud of the work that we accomplish at Pinewood.